Monday, February 6, 2012


I've seen it coming, but was hoping it was not so.  Stuffiness last week. Wet at night. Sticky yellow nose Sat. Looking for carbs. Sun.  Coughing up yellow/green goo Mon.

Infection has returned...  Here we go again... Despite 20 days on Zithromax followed by nasonex and zyrtec...

I have calls into all the right people and we will be treating it soon.  My question is whether it is the same infection that we just cannot kill or something causing recurring infections.  I am thinking we will likely go with the big guns of antibiotics and answer the first question definitively first by seeing if we can knock this out.  I think Augmentin is next on the list for that.

If that doesn't take care of it, I believe the allergist/immunologist will get the assignment of finding the cause for recurring infections.

Most important to me is that we have been at this since Mid Oct./Early Nov.  It has had AJ's blood work screwed up and her IGF-1 way high for WAY to long.  It needs to be fixed!!!

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