Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So Far So Good

Well, we are on day 5 post antibiotics and still clear!!  Woo hoo!!!

I know, it seems a bit over the top, but when she sneezed yesterday my heart skipped a beat...

Ayden Jane is getting stronger every day.  Her energy is returning, but she definitely gets tired way quicker than she had.  Her little personality is returning and the vocabulary oozing forth is so fun.

It has been fascinating during this recovery time to see how much of it all Ayden Jane understands and is willing to accept.  I think she is so tired of being sick, that she is willing to do pretty much whatever I say will help!  She has accepted that there will be no staying for 'lunch buddies' at school because we will be napping every day.  This is HUGE.  She loves lunch buddies and usually it is the first thing she asks about every morning.

While sick, Ayden Jane craved carbs.  Typically she does not, and is totally happy with the foods she is used to eating.  As she has started feeling better those cravings aren't really there, but habit has set in a bit.  So, we have been teaching her things like, only 1 fruit with a meal and not constantly snacking.  She had gotten to the point where she wanted apples, oranges, berries... with every meal and for snacks.  She dreamed of bananas.  She had her couple of episodes of getting into things she knows she doesn't eat.  Also, she just wanted to snack way more than usual, I think just sort of to feel better.

When I talked to her about all that yesterday, it was interesting that she can start to put words to it.  She said that sometimes her brain is just to strong and makes her want to eat or do something she knows she shouldn't.   A funny way of saying it, but interesting to see that she knows the difference on some level between craving something and typical hunger.  Doesn't mean she can stop it at this point, but interesting that she is learning to understand herself to some degree.

At this point she is totally on board with whatever will, "make my blood not sick anymore."  We will be working hard at resting well, playing hard for short periods and eating well for the next month.  Then we will check to see how that blood is doing :)

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