Sunday, February 19, 2012

When I Was a Baby

Lately, Ayden Jane is obsessed with what she did when she was a baby.  Did I talk when I was a baby?  Did I cry when I was a baby?  Did I eat almonds when I was a baby?  Did I walk when I was a baby?  You get the idea.

We have looked at book of pictures of her first year and she is just amazed.  (Thanks again Dina)  I haven't really looked through those pictures too much lately either so it has been fun.  We talked about the tube that helped her eat and how she was a very, very quiet baby.  We talked about how much she has learned and how hard she has worked... She has no idea that these first 4 years for her are any different than any other 4 yr. old's first years.  I love that.  She is so proud of all the things she has learned.

One thing that has really intrigued her is that when she asked if she talked when she was a baby, I told her she didn't use words with her mouth, that she talked with her hands.  I remember counting up her signs when she was little and she had over 40 of them. (and maybe 10 words including all of our names) Of course, now I can only remember a handful but AJ really enjoys re learning them.  At the time, I was so glad to hear her, I didn't even try to help her keep any of them.  I think Mckenna probably retained more signs than any of us!

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