Saturday, February 18, 2012

Endocrinology Visit

Thursday we had our regular scheduled visit with Dr. Clark, our 'local' endocrinologist.  (She is awesome by the way)  It was Ayden Jane's last day on Augmentin and we talked through this crazy winter.  I will try to hit the highlights in no particular order.

Her height and weight measurements are awful...  Basically her weight percentile has sky rocketed.  I knew this as I have watched all this illness wreak havoc on her body.  It is always still hard to hear/see in black and white, but I was pretty well prepared for it.

Dr. Clark has an interesting idea for what may have been happening last week with those bizarre 'crashes' that Ayden Jane was experiencing.  She is wondering if it is, at least in part, related to blood sugars.  Of course, it appears like hypoglycemia, but how do you regularly schedule hypoglycemia?  Her idea is that it is possible that since the infection causes such inflammation in her which in turn causes insulin resistance, maybe the infection finally subsiding was causing the inflammation to subside and, in turn, AJ to not be so resistant to insulin; but that the added insulin in her system from being resistant was causing crashes.  Whew!!  I know that is way too medical, but it is there for those of you who are interested in that part.  Just ask me if you want a better explanation!  Dr. Clark gave us a glucose monitor so that if she has that trouble again, we can test that theory and make sure AJ is safe.

Assuming Ayden Jane stays well, (on my knees praying Ayden Jane stays well) we will recheck all her labs the last week of March.  We are giving her plenty of time.  I am hoping that she will stay well, rid herself of the negative effects of all the illness and antibiotics and 'get her blood better'.  If that happens we can likely get a bump in gh which will help with getting her physically back to where we should be.

The plan is lots of exercise, but also lots of rest.  The coming months are CRAZY busy.  Between Gary's coaching, Mckenna's team and Noah's two teams we are now up to 38 soccer games in the month of March alone.  Possible trips to Richmond and Columbia for tournaments on weekends.  I would love to jump in and do it all, but I will have to be careful to not over do with AJ.  Should be interesting.

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