Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sugar Story

So, we have been telling Ayden Jane for as long as she can remember that 'her body does not work well with sugar'.  The phrase sort of evolved over time.  "Sugar is not good for you" is used upon occasion, but then she asks, "is sugar good for Mckenna?"  (my carb addict).  You see where that goes.  So, she knows sugar is not really good for anybody, but most people can handle some sugar.  She mostly believes us that her body really just can't handle sugar.

Last Sunday (as we were discovering the infection was back) AJ got into a box of fig newtons.  She totally set her brother up as she knew I was running Mckenna somewhere and he was in charge.  She told me when I got back... which I give her credit for.

In the end, it was a great experience!  I know, how could that be a good thing?!  Ayden Jane felt AWFUL after she ate them.  I don't mean feeling bad in the emotional sense, I mean they made her feel awful physically. She was agitated and stuttering and slurring and emotional and miserable.  Her brain was foggy...

As she cried and told me how bad she felt I told her, "that's how sugar makes you feel."  I told her that now she knows why we work so hard to keep her away from it.  That when we tell her that her body doesn't work well with sugar we mean it will do just that to her...  I drove it home.  She looked to Noah for sympathy but he totally took my lead.  After about an hour of feeling awful she fell asleep and woke up with a killer head ache.  We told her again, its the sugar...

Maybe it was cruel, but since then, she has a new respect for the power of sugar.  It was a harsh lesson and not one I would have chosen to teach her that way, but one she learned really, really well.  For now at least.

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