Friday, November 29, 2013

Swimming Part 2

Ayden Jane finally had her swimming lesson with Coach R.  He was awesome with her.  Ayden Jane had literally been counting down the days (twice) to get to go.  She did all he asked, worked really hard and loved it.  By the end of the one lesson she was swimming freestyle so much better!  It will take some doing, but I am going to try to get her in the pool with Coach R once a week until Christmas rolls around.

So, why am I so excited about swimming?  First of all, Ayden Jane is genuinely good at it.  I mean good for a typical kiddo.  It is so awesome to watch her do something that comes easily and naturally for her.  Maybe it sounds awful, but it is honestly great to watch her excel over other, typical kids.  Trust me, we have plenty of time to 'build character' in other activities.  When she is in the water, it's like the playing field evens out and that hard working nature makes her excel, not just keep up.

Secondly, it has always seemed to calm her.  I don't mean makes her tired, not that sort of calm.  It sort of quiets her sensory system and makes her able to focus tremendously well.  For example, today she spent time playing with play doh, working on writing letters and 'painting' (with water).  Things I love for her to do as fine motor is her weakness, but she struggles with doing for extended periods.  She followed that up by reading 10 books!  Yes, 10!  I was amazed at how sharp her reading was (well for the first 5 or 6).

As a bonus, the rigorous exercise helps 'clean out her pipes' and she is oddly less hungry when she has had a good hard swim.  So, today she had breakfast, a snack before swimming around lunchtime, some green bean casserole and mini almond butter muffin after swimming followed by a long walk with the dogs. Now it is bed time and all she wanted was a few apple slices instead of supper.

No doubt I am calling Coach R Monday and getting things nailed down to get this kid swimming at least once a week!

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