Thursday, November 7, 2013


About a month ago Ayden Jane lost her glasses.  I was sure they were at the house, just had no clue where!  We found them a few days later in the backyard ... broken.  I mentioned getting them fixed and she protested that there were so many lines in them she can't see through them anyway.

It was time to head back to the eye doctor anyway so I just let her go without them.  Today we had the eye exam.  Her eyes are actually getting better!  Her prescription previously was for 2.5 in each eye and now it is for 2.0.  (eye don't speak eye but improvement is improvement).  Also, I mentioned that her right eye that used to turn in occasionally no longer seems to.  She has not had her glasses for about 3 weeks and she has done great.  Doc said yep, that all the way around her eyes were doing better.

It was pretty cool that now she responds so well that they could ask her to name letters instead of pictures and he lined up some different things for her to look through and he could not just test, but ask her which way it looks better to her.

She is doing really well with reading and her writing is... improving, but still needs a lot of help.  I am really hoping that the glasses help with that.

In a week or so we will have new purple and blue glasses! 

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