Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Kindergarten Style

Today was the Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.  For some kiddo's with PWS (and their parents) holiday parties at school can be stressful.  Okay, any parties at school can be stressful!  Just the idea that there are lots of foods and well meaning adults doling out all sorts of treats and drinks...  Yikes!
Honestly, we have been blessed in that Ayden Jane handles these things really well, the parents we have had in her preschool are amazing and her schools go way above and beyond  Here is how the 'feast' went this year.  Each Kindergarten class was responsible for 1 item.  There are 5 Kindergarten classes and the kids rotated through the rooms to get something from each room.  I texted Ayden Jane's teacher the Friday before to get a clearer picture ... She responded that she had already put a sheet in AJ's backpack that listed each room and what they would be giving the children so I could figure out what Ayden Jane would eat and what she wouldn't.  Sweet!
The 5 things were: turkey sandwich (1/2), carrots and ranch, grapes, ham roll-up, trail mix and a pumpkin muffin.  I sent in a small nut snack for the trail mix and a grain free almond muffin for the muffin and Ayden Jane was good with the rest!  (of course she did not eat the bread and saved it for the dogs....)  We also talked about how we would not need an afterschool snack since this was so late in the day.  She was totally cool with that.  It all worked out great!!  She was one cute Indian!
The only disappointment this week was that the swim coach called and had to postpone her swim lesson until Friday.  (His son was sick)  Ayden Jane took it well but now has me counting down the days until Friday!  Hopefully the return of the big kids for Thanksgiving Holiday will help distract her!

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  1. I am very happy for you and for AJ that Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast went well :-)