Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Look, No Training Wheels!

A while back Ayden Jane asked to have her training wheels off so she could learn to ride her bike on two wheels.  It must have been Sept. because she was determined she would learn when she turned six.  We worked on it a couple of days but she seemed really far from making it happen and was just nervous enough that she would not allow us to help her.  Ummmm.  In case your wondering, it is hard to teach yourself to ride a bike with zero help getting going.
After the few days the bike was left in the garage, training wheelless and lonely. 
Renewed interest in learning to ride came as the big trucks rolled in and paved our road!!  Seriously, it was like a holiday celebration here.  I texted Kayla and Noah because it was a 15 year dream come true!!!  They had hoped their whole childhood that the road would be paved and roller blading, hockey, skate boarding.... would all be awesome on our street.  I am thinking Christmas this year will include them reliving their childhood dream skating with Ayden Jane :)
So, today the weather was good, the road was paved ... It was time to give it another go.  In about 20 minutes she was riding solo.  (sort of)  Jen got her started and ran with her in case she needed to catch her.  It was wobbly but she did it!  One more thing that was supposed to be too hard ... ha!  Too hard?  It only took 20 min.  (yea, I know it will take a lot longer to perfect, but I am claiming this victory now)

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