Saturday, November 2, 2013

Soccer Adventures

Our day started with a trip to soccer fields in Charleston for Mckenna's game.  It rained last night and I envisioned Ayden Jane having little to do and being wet and miserable.  At first I did not remember this particular field so I did not think there was a playground.  What a great surprise when we arrived and the grass was not so wet and there was a great little playground!  Ayden Jane played and played during the 45 min. warm up and pretty much the entire game!  It was great.

On the way home I mentioned to them that Noah had his last home game today as well.  Yep, they both wanted to make the trip to go see Noah.  After the hour or so back home, a shower for Mckenna and Ayden Jane and some school work completed by me it was off to see Noah.  (just over 2 hour drive)  The girls were great.  Ayden Jane slept about half way there and was seriously wound up at the game!  She wrestled on top of me during his warm ups and entertained herself during the first half.  Then the big surprises arrived!  Kayla and Allie made the trip from Clemson!

The game was a blow out, Noah did not play at all the second half so Kayla still has not seen him play college soccer,  but Ayden Jane was on a roll entertaining everyone!  Mckenna kept giving her crazy 'missions' which included singing and animals sounds and general silliness.  (Mckenna will be an amazing therapist of some kind one day) 

After the game Noah was so happy to see his sisters.  So fun to see them all enjoy being together.  We took Noah out to eat and just hung out a while. 

Such a fun day.  And to think, when Ayden Jane was tiny and Noah was still playing club soccer, we wondered if traveling and eating out would ever be possible again without much stress.  I can officially say, PWS does not impact our traveling soccer adventures (well, other than we try not to stop as often)

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