Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jackets - Not So Fun

So Ayden Jane is cruising along these days. It is easy to almost forget that she has added issues to deal with.  Then little things like this pop up.

The weather is changing.  Like it or not it is getting colder and Ayden Jane is going to have to cave on her, "no winter clothes until Christmas" mantra.  Today when she got dressed in her tiny shorts and little short sleeve shirt, I decided it was time to take a coat to school.  I know, what a horrible mother to make her take a jacket!  Yep. It caused a meltdown.  After a few minutes in her room to get herself under control she decided it was okay to take it but she was not going to wear it unless her teachers said she had to.  Deal.  She still cried a bit off and on and was totally stressed by the whole thing but... I just hung tough.

On the way to school Ayden Jane asked me if I would walk her in since she had a jacket.  Umm, sure but aren't you the same child that would not even let me walk you in the first day of school?  We parked and walked in.  Yea, she cried a bit but I'm sure she is not the first kindergarten kiddo to shed a few tears at school. 

When we got to her classroom she went to her hook and said, "see, I don't think I can hang up everything with a coat and I have to have my bags!"  (spoken with the voice of a very stressed 6 yr old)  Ahhh, the root of the problem.  She has a system of knowing where everything goes and she just couldn't picture where the jacket would fit in that picture.  I just showed her that her lunch box could fit in her cubby and then there was plenty of room on her hook for her jacket.  She was instantly happy and had a great day.  Sheesh! 

I did mention to her teacher that she hates coats and does not get cold easily so I am not concerned if she does not wear it often.  She was glad to know that.  I told her that I knew times would come when they would tell students they had to have a coat to go outside and I did not want her to have to deal with the fallout from AJ having no coat and having to stay in!  Also, I told her that AJ is not so good at getting her jacket on and gets upset by that fact.  (Maybe if she wore one more that 3 times a year she would get better at it!)

I guess it is easy to forget that clothes don't always feel good, having extra things to keep up with is stressful and adding a bit of motor planning and frustration (putting on a jacket) to the joy of going outside is not fun.   We will see how tomorrow morning goes :)

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