Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Yes, a Happy Halloween post without pictures.  I will post one when I get one.

I have to say that even before PWS Halloween was, well, not my favorite holiday.  Let's see, I dislike all things creepy and scary.  I am a total wimp with scary movies and hate all the previews that come out this time of year.  As a mom all that candy is ... not optimal and when I was teaching, oi! 

Now add on top of that Prader Willi Syndrome.  I really thought early on it was going to be a nightmare!  I envisioned candy at every turn and Ayden Jane spending her day sneaking food and me having to stay one step ahead of her.

The day before Halloween Ayden Jane's teacher read Gordy and the Magic Diet to the class.  It ties in with Halloween and the holidays and is a great story for a kid on a no junk diet.  The teacher really liked it and said that she thinks it helped make sense for everyone why Ayden Jane eats the way she does. 

So, how was Halloween?  A breeze.  Ayden Jane loved her day at school.  She came home and informed me that they did not do any school work all day long.  All they did was play!  She wore a dalmation costume that was comfortable enough to make it though the day.  I had not done any planning ahead with the party moms and it was the first party in Kindergarten.  I slipped out of work and arrived just after food was passed out.  Apparently when the mom who had never met AJ attempted to give her a chocolate covered something on a stick, Ayden Jane told her there was no way her mom would say yes to that.  Lol.  Then she told her she can't eat sugar.... Apparently she was impressively convincing.  All in all Ayden Jane did great and I have just a few things to tweak for parties in Kindergarten and all will be well.

The big night came and Ayden Jane was amazing.  She trick or treated with Gary and Mckenna and Mckennas clan of friends.  She didn't wear out (guess that's the 5K training) and never even asked for a piece of candy.  At the end of the night she fell sound asleep on the sofa after putting her candy out for the great pumpkin.  We packed up the candy and replaced it with a toy and Halloween was officially over.  Whew!!

A win all around.  A happy worn out Ayden Jane and candy to 'donate' to our starving college students :)


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