Saturday, November 23, 2013


It is winter...  It gets dark too soon...  It is cold... (well, cold for us)

So what is the answer to the lack of opportunity to exercise?  Swimming.  Well, indoor swimming.

I am taking Ayden Jane to the local health club which has a new aquatics director.  I heard he is good so I called to chat with him about options for Ayden Jane.  It is hard to know when to say anything about Ayden Jane's challenges because I want them to treat/push her like they would any kiddo.  I also don't want to scare them off! 

Basically, I told him she has a rare genetic disorder that effects her motor planning and muscle tone.  It means that it will take her a little longer to lay the new motor pathway and that she may not be able to just watch and magically make it happen.  She needs things broken down and help figuring out which muscles to use sometimes.  On the flipside, she will work at it until she gets it!

He was not deterred in the least and thought she sounded awesome.  We decided to go with a one on one lesson to give him a chance to see where she fits.  He has a group that is likely a little behind her in skills and there is a swim team.  (the ultimate goal)  If she is close to having what she needs to join the swim team I will just have him do a few lessons with her until she is ready.

Ayden Jane is THRILLED!!  She told me tonight she wanted to go to bed so that she could wake up tomorrow and only have one more day until she got to swim.

Can't wait until Monday! 

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