Friday, April 22, 2016

A Little Too Fast

Ayden Jane is settling in on the b complex. I'd say the best way to describe it all is that her brain is fast. It is fast enough that she has gotten into a bit of a verbal confrontation with another student. Nothing terrible, just that when a comment is made by another student, she is now quick enough to 'come back at them'. She does not know how to do so gracefully yet, particularly with the teenage sarcasm she has grown up with being a youngest. Hopefully this will not become an issue since, up until now, she has been really easy going with peers. Small comments made about any of her quirks have just rolled off or gone right over her head. Not saying that kids have been mean to her in any way, just that kids can be very honest with what they are thinking and are not known for tact. 

Secondly, Ayden Jane's brain is so fast she is now positive she knows more than I do. I mean, she was pretty sure before but now, it's a fact, just ask her. Ugh! Again, it's an adjustment. I'm trying to be patient ....

Thirdly, Ayden Jane's brain is so fast that she now makes mistakes and gets things wrong because she doesn't want to write things down or work things out because, "It's so easy." So, instead of taking a faster, clearer brain and apply it to the steps in a problem, she wants to skip the steps because she is sure that the answer that popped in her head is right. 

So, yes. Her brain is faster but she does not have a handle on how to use it properly! I go back and forth between wanting to strangle her and her new found spark. And feeling bad for her because it must be really be hard to suddenly have a different brain to adjust to.

Thankfully her teacher is patient with the adjustment. 

She is showing some signs that the rewiring is an adjustment. She is seeking sensory input like preferring to spin during recess over play with her friends. Wanting to wrestle at home. Constantly on the go.... But we have seen all this before:) Last night Gary took her out to the ocean and she had a good long boogie boarding session. The ocean has always been great for that sensory piece.

I am still not exactly sure what about the complex is benefitting her. I think that the folate is good, but needs to be supported by the other b's. I also have a feeling there is something to the b6, which she has not recently been getting. I don't have it in me to piece each one out so we are sticking with the complex and choosing to just be happy.

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