Monday, April 25, 2016


Ayden Jane has always been an independent soul. She is determined and would rather work at something for an eternity than accept help. It can be infuriating, exhausting, exasperating. I am sure it is also a big part of the reason she is doing so great.

Lately, the independence has surged yet again. She has taken full control/responsibility for getting herself together for school and out the door in time to be early for school. Now parts of this are not new. She has been dressing herself, brushing her teeth ... Well, let me just give a run down of our morning routine.

Ayden Jane gets up early. Often before my alarm rings at 6:20. She heads out to the kitchen and grabs a fruit and a piece of cheese. Then she turns on the TV and that's how breakfast begins. As she works on the first part of breakfast, I mix up her avocado and get her supplements together. She finishes all of that by about 7:00. Then off to her room to get dressed while I finish packing lunch and snack. In the past, by the time she got dressed and teeth brushed, I washed her glasses, double checked her back pack, filled her water bottle, found her fitbit and got socks and shoes ready to put on. She would then come and sit down while I 'finished her up'.

Lately, she has taken to getting her own socks and shoes and putting them on picking her snack and getting it in the right compartment of her backpack, filling her water bottle, getting her fitbit herself and washing her own glasses. She is double checking me with her backpack and is just totally on top of things. It's pretty awesome.

At the same time, she has taken to doing her homework entirely independently. Not saying she never asks a question but she knows she needs to do it. She manages her time to be sure it gets done. She gets it out of her backpack, completes it, makes sure her name is on and gets after me for things like permission slips. She is totally on top of it.

I know these things are not earth shattering but they are a difference. They are a kid who is growing up. They show a kid who is not just expressing independence, but is also becoming responsible. I think the recent ability to process things and keep up with things has helped her put the missing piece together. She just doesn't need me or anyone else to do all the organizing any more.

Go Ayden Jane. (but don't grow up too fast)

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