Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break Lessons

First thing I learned on spring break, hopping from place to place, eating on the go... Ayden Jane is a wonderful traveler. I mean, I don't think 8 year olds are typically known for being wonderful on long car rides but Ayden Jane was great. She played, occasionally asked how much longer, waited really well for whatever the next stop was. Between the ipad, a few babies, a magic tree house book and some coloring books she kept herself as happy as a clam.

As for food, I packed a cooler with a few key items for snacks. We had the coconut bars I make and the warrior chia bars I buy. Both are things she eats regularly. We also had some nuts in nice little prepackaged 100 cal packs which are easy to slip in pockets when heading into places. Honestly, she hardly used them though. I also brought a loaf of bread I make and a small jar of peanut butter so we had an easy meal wherever we landed. Drink wise I put in some coconut water and one of her cups so we could do her half coconut water/half water she likes and keep her hydrated.

Along the way we ate at more fast food spots than I care to admit. Among them, Chik fil a, Wendys, Taco Bell, McDonald's and Moe's. Ayden Jane is great at just choosing decent options at each and being happy with that. Early on I was worried about weight gain during out trip. I mean we were still trying to shed the last of the weight gained when I went away. I am thrilled to report that when she stepped on the scale back at home she was at a great spot. In fact, if anything she lost a half pound or so!

We did have one rough day with one MAJOR fit. I think it was a bit of my fault though. She had gone up to bed and as she climbed in she told me she wanted a coconut bar because her "tummy growled". She uses this term occasionally and it must be uncomfortable. I told her I did not think she needed one and she should try to go to sleep. Well, the tantrum that ensued was a doozy. I realized by her lack of control and ability to reason she likely needed the snack, but now was pretty well backed into a corner. I couldn't set the precedent that if she tantrums she gets food.

I rode it out until she was reasonable again and we decided a better way to deal with this if it happens. She agreed to trying to go to sleep for 5 minutes and that if she can't, she can come tell me she tried but thinks she really needs a snack. I left her in bed, telling her that if she could not go to sleep to come ask me with good manners for a snack. I didn't hear from her until morning.

We had one other tough spot when she overflowed a toilet (the handle sticks) and had to freak out over something that was not her fault. You know, something I caused so she did so about clothes.... She recovered very quickly and we went on with our day. In the end, I'd say 2 meltdowns on a week long trip is pretty decent for an 8 year old, PWS or not.

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