Saturday, April 30, 2016

Latest Running Adventure

So, Ayden Jane has started to talk about running again. She has mostly good memories of last years training and mostly awful memories about how bad she felt running the actual 5k. Running your first long race while recovering from pneumonia is not fun. She ran the first mile okay and then went down hill fast. She was determined to finish, but oiy....

Today we went out a bought new running shoes and then she wanted to pick a training program. She was convinced that the one she did last time was too easy now that she was an experienced runner... such humility.

I was glad to look for something different because the last one was time based and she was so focused on time that her pace was really slow. We googled and a lot of distance based plans seemed to start at a distance that was intimidating for Ayden Jane. I finally came across a plan for kids that seems like a good place to start. Ayden Jane bought in and got super excited. That's really all I need anyway! So here it is:

Run Four Days per Week.

Week 1: Day One: 1/2 mile, Day Two: 1/2 mile, Day Three: 1/2 mil, Day Four: 3/4 mile

Week 2: Day One- 1/2 mile, Day Two: 3/4 mile, Day Three: 1/2 mile, Day Four: 3/4 mile

Week 3: Day One- 3/4 mile, Day Two: 1 mile, Day Three: 3/4 mile, Day Four: 1 mile

Week 4: Day One- 1 mile, Day Two: 1.5 mile, Day Three: 1 mile, Day Four: 1.5 mile

Week 5: Day One- 1.5 mile, Day Two: 2 mile, Day Three: 1.5 mile, Day Four: 2 mile

Week 6: Day One- 1.5 mile, Day Two: 2 miles, Day Three: 1.5 miles, Day Four: 2.25 miles
I know it's shocking to hear that Ayden Jane had me out the door for the first half mile run today. But I was actually quite impressed. We have not 'gone running' since fall and I had no idea how she would do. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she rocked it. Even after we had taken the dogs for a 2 mile walk earlier. she ran the half mile at a 12 minute mile pace. I think that is a pretty great place to start!

Now, this does not mean that we will only take 6 weeks to get back up to 2 miles. The beauty of it is we can repeat any given week as many times as necessary. And, if we don't get all 4 runs in during a particular week, life will go on...   

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