Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break - Part 2

After spending some great time in Indianapolis we headed on to Wheaton (a Chicago suburb). Noah is in school there at Wheaton College, and we enjoyed hanging with 'Uncle Pete, Aunt Fo and H'. Great friends from my college days and their cool little dude. It was a crazy busy week for them but they were so kind to let us crash their home.

We enjoyed catching up on life, letting Ayden Jane and H play, hitting local parks and, of course, Chicago pizza. Noah came by and we just relaxed for a bit.

Our other highlight during our time there was going downtown. It was high on Mckenna's list of things to do and although we didn't quite get to see everything she wanted, we were treated to much more than we expected. We had a wonderful day at Millennium Park, saw The Bean and enjoyed the Chicago Institute of Art. I was pretty lost but Mckenna was right at home and knew more than I realized about artists ect. Ayden Jane was her typical curious self and wanted to take it all in. I'm sure we only scratched the surface of what there is to see and learn there but it was great. We also managed to squeeze in a nice walk down Michigan Ave and view of the lake front.

Ayden Jane and K renewed their friendship. There is something really cool about having friends that share your medical baggage, but with K it is even more than that. They share an awareness of the syndrome and how well they are doing with it. It was funny to listen to them talk numbers of carbs and diet ideas like it's typical conversation for a couple of kids to be having. K is a great kid and I have no doubt he will have Ayden Jane's back for many years to come as they continue to figure this thing out.

This family... words will never be able to express what they have done for Ayden Jane over the years. They not only have the brains and background to further understanding and treatment for PWS. They worked incredibly hard to improve life for K and have shared all they have learned openly, and they care so genuinely for others who walk the same life. Their family has sacrificed time, energy and finances in ways I am sure we will not ever comprehend and the benefits to many, many future families are great.

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