Saturday, April 16, 2016

MTHFR - The Saga Continues

So far what I know is that Ayden Jane rocked on the b-complex. She was on it for a week and going strong. Fun new super powers seemed to abound. Yes, she was getting a bit tired from time to time but the sort of tired that comes from going extra strong and feeling extra good.

Enter the fall. I decided to add an evening dose. Only, I thought that it should be in the form of straight folate. I believe now, that the folate alone was not a good choice. I mean, I can't say for certain ... but it was UGLY.

The chain of events goes like this. Tuesday a week ago the complex came in the mail and I gave it to Ayden Jane in the afternoon. By Wednesday afternoon the great reports started and the super powers began to show. A week later on Tuesday evening I gave Ayden Jane the extra dose of straight folate. Wednesday. eh. Thursday, not great. Friday, complete unraveling. What did it look like? Arguing, agitated, crying, not able to reason, miserable for all...

Needless to say I skipped the dose Friday night and she went to bed EARLY. She slept off a large portion of the issue and I dedicated Saturday to calm, non stimulating activities. AJ stayed in her PJ's until 11. That has never happened. Then we rode bikes to the library and checked out books. (That's about 4-5 miles one way). After a snack we took a long dog walk and talked. There was lots of giggling today which was a total contrast to yesterday. Finally, after supper Ayden Jane just played with her toys and enjoyed a quiet evening. I didn't even turn the TV on.

Now I need to decide where to go from here. I think (and remember, I'm making this up as I go so I could absolutely be wrong) that the straight folate alone, even at a low dose like 400 mcg is just somehow overwhelming to her system. I have begun to attempt to plow through all the info I can find on the subject and I'm amazed at the interactions and balancing act of all of this. It may be that I just stumbled onto a good starting place for Ayden Jane and it would take a lot of work to figure out what the perfect balance of all the b's is. I'm not sure I have strength for that.

Instead, I plan to keep the daily morning B complex that I have started with and possibly add a second complex every other day or so. The idea of 'pulsing' was mentioned in something I read and it somehow made sense. Anyway, so far the b complex does not seem to keep her up at night like it could have the potential to do. I had started it at night and moved it to morning to prep for the added dose so at least I know that much.

Honestly, I felt so horrible last night. I mean, I had dosed her into a miserable frenzy and then sent her off to school to cope with it all. To top it off, I was slow to pick up on what was going on and fussed at her for her poor behavior - which I had caused. One of those parenting lows. I will be glad when this is all sorted out and I am confident that Ayden Jane is running at optimal effectiveness and then I am taking a break from mad scientist/dr mom.

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