Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break 2016 - Part 1

Wow. What a week we have had. Mckenna, Ayden Jane and I left Pawleys last Friday in search of adventure for spring break. We covered a lot of miles, enjoyed the company of friends along the way and had a grand time.

First up was a quick visit to get a glimpse of a sweet baby boy. It was brief but a very important part of our mission. Next stop was Indianapolis to visit with the amazing Walker clan!

We piled in on them for Easter fun. Egg hunting, a trip to the zoo - what more could we want? 

Ayden Jane loves knowing other families who have kids with PWS and eat like she does. She has a heart for the ones younger than her and asks often about how they are doing. So fun when we get to visit and she sees for herself the amazing things kids like E are doing. It is also a treat to just do life for a day or two with families who totally get the quirks life with PWS throw at you. Types of food, the need to eat when it's time, reminding to drink, even those darn shots at night. Talk of supplements and doctors and new possibilities on the horizon is good for the soul.

It was a fabulous way to start of an amazing week with my two awesome roadtripping partners.

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