Friday, April 29, 2016

Organized and Focused

Organized and focused. That's the best way that I can describe Ayden Jane's brain now.

Okay, so maybe she doesn't present as entirely organised and focused, but the improvement is significant and has lasted long enough that I think it is a lasting improvement. Hooray!

I'll try to explain what I mean by a more organized brain. One sign is she suddenly has the ability to recall/retell things that happened during her day at school. It has been fun. She has told me what happened in class, is able to retell conversations and even give me clear descriptions of examples they did during class time. One of the impressive academic examples was in math. I was checking her math paper. It was a sheet where she needed to measure things around the house. One blank was for measuring in ft and one was for measuring in inches. When she measured the table height she wrote 2 ft in the one blank and 30 inches in the other. I wanted to correct her because when I looked at it, all I could think of was that 2 ft is not equal to 30 inches. Ayden Jane was able to explain to me that she was to round each unit to the nearest unit. So, when she measured the table height in feet, it was closer to 2 ft than 3 ft. She recalled and explained an example from class that day. I was stinkin' impressed! Absolutely a new skill.

I guess I call this a more organized brain because it's like she takes things in and files them so that she can retrieve them and apply them quickly later. There had been a gap in her ability to do this sort of thing. She would absolutely take it all in, but it always seemed like it was a bit of a mess in there. Like she knew it was in there somewhere but couldn't quite get the pieces to line up. Sort of like information is supposed to be filed neatly in the file cabinet but it came in too fast so it began to pile up on the desk. She took it all in, but then could not find it when she needed to. On top of that, she found that the messier her desk got the more stressed she got.

It's a wonderfully strange shift. 

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