Saturday, April 9, 2016

MTHFR - Dr Mom

I started the new b complex last Tuesday evening when it came. There have been noticeable improvements every day since. Today, it was on the soccer field. Ayden Jane loves to play soccer, but her response time is often too slow for the game. Sort of like her brain and her feet are really far apart and it takes too long for the message to get to them.

There were times when she was playing that she could shorten this connection and get to the ball, but she had to concentrate really hard. Like you see her determined and trying so very hard. Today, her brain and her feet were just connected. It didn't even seem like it was hard. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't suddenly ready for the Olympics or anything, but everyone noticed the difference.

The other curious thing is the lessened need for snacks. She had lunch at 11:30 between games and she did not come in from playing with the neighbors until after 7:00. I had asked her earlier and she said she just wasn't really hungry. So, after lunch she played soccer game, went swimming, trampolined, ran up and down the street with the neighbor kids, rode the pogo stick... Finally, when she came in she announced she was hungry and tired.

She had a chicken leg, a cheese stick and some fruit. Jumped up from the table and said, "thanks Mom, I'm going to bed."  That was it!

Level energy all day, happy, relaxed, flexible, processing quickly....  I LIKE IT.

Of course, where to go from here is my next challenge...

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