Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break - Part 3

We left South Carolina intending to hit Carowinds on our way home. Ayden Jane is just barely tall enough to ride ALL the rides there but had never actually even seen giant roller coasters. We had told her all about it and had originally planned to hit it on the way up, but with Mckenna suffering a nasty high ankle sprain in a soccer game we decided to push it to our last stop.

Around Tuesday, as we were in Wheaton the weather in Charlotte looked terrible for Friday. Dreaded thunder and lighting - nothing stops a roller coast quite like that! I kept watching the weather and finally told Ayden Jane I did not think it was going to work. That we would have to take her there another time. She was sad, but honestly I think she dealt with it really well. Probably because Noah was there when we looked at the weather and he just has a way of convincing her in a way that there is no arguing. It's like magic.

We left Wheaton with the weather still not looking good, but I kept an eye on it. I decided we did not need to make it all the way to Charlotte, just close enough that if the weather looked doable in the morning we could get there. I was exhausted but the weather looked passable so Mckenna and I talked it over and we went for it. Ayden Jane was so excited.

Little did I know that it was one of the best decisions ever. There were no crowds, no lines, no waiting on even the giant coasters. Ayden Jane LOVED every thrill ride in the place. She truly proved to be as fearless as we thought as it come to motion. She wanted more speed, more spinning, more heights.

Mckenna showing Ayden Jane the way.

Ayden Jane's favorite. With no lines she just rode it over and over and over.

Heading up for a giant free fall.

So tall and she LOVED it.

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